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Air conditioning is so expensive. Why not just install window air conditioners?
A new air conditioning systems price will vari due to the type of system installed, the capacity of the system required, and the amount of labor required to install the system. What you really have to look at it as how much are you willing to invest to have a comfortable living space for you and your family. Keep in mind that total comfort is not just keeping the house cool on the hottest days of summer. It is really a balance of temperature, humidity and the ability to control the indoor air quality all at the same time. Putting in a window air conditioner will drop the temperature, but it really does not address the humidity level in your house. I hear a lot from people who are tired of their house being "cold and clammy". You also need to consider your indoor air quality as well. A window air conditioner does not have the ability to filter the pollutants in your home. By adding a high efficient media, or electronic air cleaner to your air conditioning system, you will improve the air quality in your home. This will help in reducing the amount of time you or your family misses work, school or other activities due to poor health. You also lose the use of the window that you put the air conditioner. And it is easy for someone to remove the window air conditioner and have access to your home. And any real estate agent will tell you that your houses value increases with a central a/c system. You will find yourself using a central air conditioning system for many more months than you will with a window air conditioner when you realize the better living environment it provides for your house.