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SmartComfort, LLC
Phone 203.464.4019
E-Mail: jdonini@smartcomfort.net
P.O. Box 674 Monroe, CT 06468
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What does your company do?
A. SmartComfort, LLC evaluates your existing home or business to determine what can be done to improve your heating, air conditioning and indoor air comfort needs. A couple of examples would be how to lower your energy costs, or what can be done to improve your indoor air quality.
Q. Do you offer renewable energy systems?
A. Our goal is to provide the most practical solution for your needs. We are willing to pursue whatever system you want to see if it is the best option for you. 
Q. Why should I use SmartComfort instead of calling contractors direct?
A. SmartComforts role is to design your system and submit your project so the contractors quote on the same design. This saves you the time and aggravation of interacting with multiple contractors hoping to get an "apples to apples" quote. Remember that all contractors we submit your bid to are state licensed, insured and have a credible reputation. We do not associate with "fly by night" companies working without proper credentials. 
Q. How much time does it take to examine our house and come up with a design?
A. We request 2 hours for our intial visit. This allows proper time to meet with you, evaluate your home or business and determine the design we are going to present to the contractors.
​Q. Do we have to meet with the contractors when you evaluate our house?
A. No. Part of the benefit of working with us is that we design the system with you and then we submit the design to the contractors. The Contractors do not have any of your contact information and only the contractor that you award the project to will be given your information. And that is not until after you have decided which contractor you want to install your system.